The creators behind Foodscene: Emil Walter and Moussa Mchangama
The creators behind Foodscene: Emil Walter and Moussa Mchangama

A restaurant guide for the passionate

If you are a hardcore foodie – here’s the restaurant guide for you.The new app Foodscene shows the most exciting restaurants in Scandinavia in a new way.

With a focus on high quality videos and the story behind every restaurant, Foodscene wants to be the top choice for people that are passionate about food and are really into next level of restaurant visits.

The Danish creators behind the app, Emil Walter and Moussa Mchangama, share that passion.

– Foodscene started because we are both very into dining experiences. And we actually met at a sommelier course, says Emil Walter, CEO of Foodscene.

When the app released in the beginning of June it contained 40 guides to restaurants in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. With detailed descriptions of the restaurant – and filmed interviews with the creative brains behind them.

– We thought, why not make a more inspiring restaurant guide, with the visual feel of the films and where the passion from the chefs really shows, says Emil.

In addition to the guide, Foodscene will also arrange events where the subscribers of the app have the chance to access for example exclusive dinners and wine tastings with people from the restaurants in the guides.

New releases are done monthly. For now the plan is to continue to focus on the Nordic countries. But the duo is open to sometime in the future expand the horizon for Foodscene.

– Of course that dream exists. But I think that it is important to focus on this area until we have covered it completely first. When we have a strong enough community within these countries, who knows?, says Moussa.

Last edited: June 11, 2018


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