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10 out of 10 for the SAS App

Here are 10 great things that you can do with it the SAS App, including a few new features to make your travel easier and a lot more fun.

1. Book flights

The SAS App can be used to book flights and other travel extras. It’s like booking on a website, but much easier and a lot faster. You can use the app to book flights, baggage, seats, meals and access to SAS Lounges.

2. Store your personal information in the app

You’ll then receive push notifications (messages that appear on your phone screen) with flight ­information such as when to check in, which gate to use and any potential delays.

3. Check in easily in the app

And no need to print your boarding pass – you’ll receive it electronically.

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4. It's personalized

If you’re eligible for special rates like SAS Youth tickets (available to travelers under 26), you can also book in the app.

5. Keep tabs on your trips

You can add your trip ­directly from the app to the calendar you use in your smartphone.

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6. Share your booking information

Let your friends, family or colleagues know about your flight plans by sharing your booking information from the app via SMS, email or Whats­App.

7. Connect with loved ones

It’s even easier to keep people up to date with your travel plans if they have the SAS App too since you can connect with friends in the app and see details of each other’s ­departure information.

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8. Go online when you're offline

Take care of your essential entertainment needs by downloading games, books, newspapers and magazines in the app 22 hours before departure. Then view them offline when you take off.

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9. Your digital EuroBonus card

There’s a host of features for EuroBonus members in the SAS App including a map of shops and restaurants where you can earn EuroBonus points. And you won’t need to carry your EuroBonus card around anymore as you’ll have a digital card in the app (IOS phone owners can add this to Apple ­Wallet). EuroBonus members can also save travel partners’ details in the app so that they can be automatically selected each time you book a new trip.

10. Learn something about yourself

Finally, you can view ­fascinating statistics about your own travel habits, such as how many flights you’ve taken and how many hours you’ve spent in the air on the True ­Traveler page in the SAS App.

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