800 trips with SAS in 180 days

Fredrik Nordbø (19) from Stavanger is planning to take 800 trips between May 9 and November 9. He’s hoping for a place in the Guinness World Records and to have earned a million EuroBonus points. Which he’ll use on even more flights.

When Fredrik Nordbø finishes work for the day, he plans to head to the airport. Every day. On May 9, he’s going to be embarking on a crazy plan. He wants to be the world record-holder for the most flights in the shortest possible time.

“To achieve my goal, I need to fly 800 times,” Nordbø tells Scandinavian Traveler.

The current record-holder for the most flights in the shortest time is comedian Mark Malkoff. According to Guinness World Records, he flew on 135 trips in 30 days. Apparently, he did it to cure his fear of flying. Nordbø, on the other hand, is flying for the love of it.

“I love to travel and I like flying,” he says. “I like the speed and the feeling when you take off. I also really like SAS.”

EuroBonus to America

Another reason why he’ll be spending so many days and hours in the air is for the EuroBonus points he will earn. Once he’s flown between Stavanger and Bergen 800 times, he’ll have earned a million bonus points.

“I earn 1,250 EuroBonus points on each trip. Altogether it comes to a million. With these points on a Diamond card, I can fly to America and Asia in Business class ten times without paying a penny.” 

But how can he manage all these flights? Nordbø has bought an SAS Travel Pass, which gives him unlimited flights on a route of his choice. It costs Skr67,265. But this high-flying project is not just about points and earnings.

“It’s fun to fly from Stavanger to Bergen. Also, I can visit my dad who lives in Bergen. And, yes, I did also choose this route because the flight time is only half an hour. That means I can fly several times in one day if I feel like it or if the weather’s nice.” 

For glory, for honor, and for fun

To be considered by Guinness World Records, you have to submit an application and provide evidence that you have completed the feat you want the record for.

“You have to write a detailed report on what the record attempt is about, which in this case is flying. My evidence will be my tickets and the EuroBonus points showing the route number.”

Why are you doing this?

“Because it’s fun.”

Nordbø has not received any sponsorship from SAS for his record attempt.

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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