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When you order your meal ahead of your trip, everybody wins. You get a wider range of options and SAS can reduce the amount of unnecessary food brought on board, thus cutting down on waste. SAS offers a delicious selection of pre-ordered meals, from dietary and lifestyle needs to kids’ favorites.

Had enough of running around the airport looking for a last-minute meal to eat before your flight? Or want to simply guarantee that your favorite option is available on board? SAS offers travelers the possibility to pre-order inflight meals. The specially designed menu includes a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and a mini pizza, all of which you can order in SAS Go and SAS Go Light on most European flights, up to 18 hours before departure. SAS introduced the service as a ­result of requests from travelers.

“Pre-ordering food is getting increasingly common. As more people find out about the service, its popularity is growing. We’ve seen high demand for pre-­ordering meals that fit peoples’ specific preferences and lifestyles,” says Claudia Urriola, SAS Ancillary Product Manager.

Order your meal when you book your ticket online, under My Bookings on the SAS website, through the SAS App or via your travel agent. In SAS Plus, drinks and food are always complimentary.

When planning menus, SAS has taken pretty much every imaginable taste and requirement into consideration, from salads and sandwiches to kids’ meals. Pre-ordering gives you more meals to choose from and those with special dietary requirements need not go hungry either. You can pre-order meals adapted to gluten and lactose intolerance as well as vegan, vegetarian and non-pork meals, all made with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients.

“We want our customers to have the best possible travel experience, and by pre-ordering meals, they can make their trip smoother. It saves time at the airport and gives you more control over what you eat,” says Urriola.

The food onboard is inspired by Scandinavian nature and its culinary history with a modern twist. The menus change continuously and follow the seasons, but you can expect to find Norwegian salmon, Swedish lamb and Danish veal as well as locally-produced ingredients.

While pre-ordering a meal makes the trip more convenient and enjoyable for the traveler, it also has other more far-reaching benefits.
“Pre-ordering your meal is a good ­option from both a customer and waste management standpoint, because we know exactly what food to bring on board, instead of storing many options,” Urriola says. 

Pre-ordering also lowers the weight on board, which translates into lower fuel burn. A win-win for travelers and the planet alike. 

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Last edited: June 26, 2018


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