A new season means new food

From 1 May, 10-15 SAS short-haul flights will offer new lunch and dinner menus, with something for everyone.

When planning the new spring/summer menus for European routes, SAS worked closely with suppliers and producers to source local ingredients with a strong emphasis on smaller local producers who can deliver something unique. This has been the idea behind the New Nordic Food & Beverage concept since it launched nearly a year ago and nothing has changed since.

“We’re really open-minded when planning the new menus,” says Alexander Lund, SAS Food & Beverage Manager. “This has -allowed us to dare to use innovative ingredients like flowers and bee pollen, which really help to enhance the passengers’ flavor -experience.”


Using classic Nordic dishes as inspiration, passengers will be able to enjoy meals that include organic chicken ballotine from Korvhantverk Stockholm, lightly smoked Norwegian MSC salmon with a creamy potato salad using potatoes from Stora Tollby Gård, or a fresh ceviche featuring a Nordic touch with shrimp and fennel--cured salmon and white beans from Öland. All dishes will be accompanied by organic sourdough bread from Denmark with organic butter from the Öllingegård dairy in Sjaelland.

SAS’ commitment to using -local, fresh or pickled ingredients from the Nordic region shines through in every bite you take, so enjoy the SAS New Nordic menus all summer long! Passengers in SAS Plus can enjoy complimen-tary meals on flights over 80 minutes, while those traveling in SAS Go can pre-order for flights over 120 minutes.

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