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We have all longed to meet again and that is reflected in the gradual increase in business travelers on board. The effects of COVID-19 have and will continue to impact flying for a while longer. But has the pandemic changed our travel patterns long term? What can you and your company expect from SAS going forward? SAS’ CEO Anko van der Werff shares his views on these key questions.

We see an eagerness to travel and meet across borders again which we are truly happy about. In dialogues with you as an important customer we hear there is an importance of travel. Despite the current situation, there still is an existing need to meet in person and to drive business. 

When thinking about future air travel, we all share the same agenda with regards to sustainability. SAS has for decades been at the forefront of driving sustainable initiatives and it will remain a top priority for me personally and SAS. One of our main goals is to be net zero on all SAS domestic flights by 2030. We take a clear leadership role with major investments in new, more fuel-efficient aircraft, sustainable aviation fuels, such as biofuel, and a range of adjustments to the offering onboard. Additionally, we will launch several initiatives during 2022, to make it easier for you as a company and your business travelers to fly in a more sustainable way. 

I’m also sure you have already heard about the SAS Corporate Sustainability Program, which gives your company the opportunity to buy biofuel and reduce your CO2 emissions. We can provide your company with all the details and options based on your company’s unique travel data. Let’s make an effort together to reach our common sustainability goals.

We look forward to continuing to serve your unique needs and shaping the future of aviation together. 

A warm thank you for choosing SAS and for traveling with us. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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