Ask Eivind about SAS – April 2017

SAS’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer answers your questions.

The world has changed. When I turned 12, I had flown perhaps just three or four times in my life, always with my family. Today, many 12-year-olds have a long history of flights behind them and have already visited several continents. We are more experienced globetrotters, largely as a result of flying becoming so much easier and cheaper. Another development is that we see more children taking flights unaccompanied by their parents. Today, SAS flies approx­imately 60,000 youngsters on their own each year, mostly to visit relatives – perhaps grandparents or a mom or dad living in a different part of the country.

Unaccompanied children have full assistance at the airport, they’re accompanied on and off the plane and are never left alone during the flight. We make absolutely sure that the child feels well taken care of throughout the journey, until they are reunited with the person who has come to meet them. We do this many times every day and you can be assured it is a job we take very seriously indeed. SAS is a company that looks after all its travelers, old and young, so I suggest you sign your child up for EuroBonus, because there are many exciting things going on and many benefits to enjoy – now and in the future.

Will you be opening more lounges in Europe, Asia and the US in the future?

There are currently no plans to open more lounges in the US or Asia, but during the fall we will open our first new lounge concept in Oslo, one unlike any other you have seen elsewhere. In addition, we are also upgrading our lounges in several cities throughout the world, including in the US.

During my latest flight, I discovered your WiFi network but it had not yet been activated. How will you communicate WiFi availability for the flights that have it?

Today, you cannot log into our WiFi network until the plane reaches an altitude of 9,000m. From this fall however, we will begin the rollout of the world’s fastest high-speed WiFi for aircraft, where you will already be able to log in at the gate. It will be a totally new experience.

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Last edited: March 29, 2017

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