Ask Eivind about SAS – July 2016

SAS’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer answers your questions.

Summer’s here and most of us will take some time off to spend time with our family and friends – and to see the world. SAS has always wanted to take Scandinavians to the rest of the world and bring the rest of the world to Scandinavia. Did you know that almost 60% of tourists traveling to Scandinavia arrive on a SAS flight?

This year, SAS celebrates its 70th anniversary and is proud to still be the bridge between Scandinavia and the rest of the world. And we’re continually working to expand our network so that you’ll have more travel opportunities.

We’ve added 40 seasonal routes to our schedules this summer, ten of which are brand new. You can now take a direct flight from Stockholm to Chinese Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and from Copenhagen to Boston. And in September, you will be able to fly direct from Oslo and Copenhagen to Miami.

But we know that travelers also want to explore Scandinavia, which is why we will have more flights to the most exciting destinations here, such as Longyearbyen in Svalbard, our northernmost commercial airport. If you’ve never been to Svalbard, add it to your list.

How can you claim that SAS won an award for best airline in 2015 when Skytrax rated SAS third? 

“There are a number of awards in the world but for us, the most important ones are the ones awarded in our home market, Scandinavia, where we have our main customers and competitors. We have won numerous awards here, both for best airline in Scandinavia and Europe as well as best intercontinental airline. Travel agents, passengers, and corporate clients have given us this rating.”

I often have to travel home to Stavanger from abroad via Stockholm and then Oslo. Why create a route like that when something always happens that makes me miss the connecting flight?

“We want to give travelers as many options as possible, which means that we add direct flights when there’s enough demand for it. If there aren’t enough passengers on a particular route, we fly through our three Scandinavian hubs. Sorry to hear about your missed connections. The routes are meant to be set up so that you will make a connecting flight.”

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