Ask Eivind about SAS – March 2016

SAS’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer answers your questions.

With nearly 30 million passengers a year and more than a thousand daily flights in a challenging climate, we sometimes have to cancel a flight and our customers have to be booked on other flights.SAS’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Eivind Roald.

When that happens, our call centers get busy. Over a course of a year, we have about four million contacts with our customers, either by phone or through electronic media. More than 80% of inquiries come from Sweden and Norway, and while some of you unfortunately may have had to wait on the phone, we do reply to 80% of calls within 40 seconds. Your spot in in line is determined by your EuroBonus level.

We try our hardest to accommodate our customers, and surveys have shown that our customer satisfaction is above 80%.

The most common questions have to do with booking a trip, baggage allowances, whether a passport is needed, and how many EuroBonus points you can earn on a particular trip.

We can help almost everyone and have the answer to almost all of the questions we get. Some of them are surprising, such as when somebody wanted to take eight chickens from the US to Sweden (we made it happen) or when a person wanted to know the name of the girl he had sat next to and fallen in love with on a flight. (Don’t worry, we never give out personal ­information but we can pass on a message.)

Whatever you’d like to know, you’re always welcome to contact us, and we’ll do our best to make your life easier. We are travelers.

When will we see a separate line for boarding for Gold and Diamond members in ­Scandinavia?

We’re working on a solution. Unfortunately, such systems aren’t readily accepted in Scandinavia compared to the rest of Europe and the US. Once we have machines for boarding in place, other travelers can’t board the plane before priority boarding is finished.

My luggage wasn’t included in the price of my ticket. Why?

You may have bought our Go Light ticket, a new type of ticket designed for customers who want to travel with carry-on bags only. We’re sorry if you missed this distinction. All fares except SAS Go Light can check in one bag free of charge, and Silver members and higher can check in an extra bag.

How many calls does SAS get every year?

We have about 4 million contacts each year. About 2.5 million of them are phone calls, while the rest are chats, email, and social media.

What are some of the most unusual questions?

We regularly get questions about bringing large objects onboard, often expensive musical instruments. The only big instrument we do take onboard, in the cabin, is the cello, which we put in a regular seat and strap it in with the seat belt. Cost? A regular ticket.

What is the most common customer feedback?

Our passengers often tell us that they love the SAS app and our new cabin. 

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