Ask SAS: What is the SAS Scholarship?

SAS President and CEO Rickard ­Gustafson answers your questions.

SAS President and CEO Rickard ­Gustafson vividly recalls an early morning hot air balloon trip in Kenya several years ago. 

“We flew over herds of elephants and other animals as they made their way to the water to drink. It was completely silent, and as you looked over this amazing landscape it was so powerful to be seeing just a tiny piece of this fantastic planet we live on.” 

It is the appreciation of the value of seeing new environments that underpins the current SAS campaign “Travelers are the future.”

What is the campaign about?

Historically, those who travel have made a difference, and in future will be the ones who further develop our planet. We are convinced that it helps them develop personally and leads to greater understanding of other ­cultures”

How does SAS contribute to a better world? 

It is important for us to take the sustainability challenge seriously, by encouraging new technology and moving away from fossil fuels. Furthermore, we have to work out how to run our aircraft in the most efficient way possible, from the disposal of onboard waste, through to the de-icing fluid we use – in every­thing we do, we have to have a clear, long term idea on to create a sustainable ­aviation industry. 

What is the SAS Scholarship?

It is a unique program where three winners with sustainable, innovative ideas and the ambition to change the world, earn the chance to turn their plans into reality. Along with influential mentors, who, in their own fields have already contributed to a better planet, the winners will make a tailor-made trip around the world, with the ultimate aim of realizing their ambitions and helping to make it a better place for all of us. 

Who can apply for the SAS Scholarship?

The competition is open to people in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The winners will be presented on 20 December. You can find more information at sasscholarship.com

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