LN means the aircraft is registered in Norway.
LN means the aircraft is registered in Norway.


Ask SAS: what is the status on lifetime Gold membership?

In this issue, Johan Mägi and Mia Jakobsson answer questions about EuroBonus and the SAS fleet.If you have queries regarding onboard services, destinations or digital technology, email us at [email protected]

It was announced some years ago that Gold or Diamond members who have a consecutive Gold or Diamond membership for a minimum of 10 years, would be honored with a lifetime Gold membership. What is the status on this?

We still aim to introduce this, along with many other major new initiatives in the EuroBonus program, although our time schedule hasn’t yet been finalized, as a result of the huge overhaul of the SAS digital platforms which has proven to be more complex than we originally anticipated.  

Is it possible to earn Euro­Bonus points on Arlanda ­Express?

As soon as you land you can find out the next departure time for Arlanda Express via the SAS App, and you can earn points when you buy a ticket with one of our American Express or Mastercard credit cards. 

If I book a journey with ­EuroBonus points, are the ­oldest points used or can those still run out?

The oldest points are always used up first when you book a journey or any other service with EuroBonus points.

How often are aircraft serviced – do they go through yearly checkups like cars?

Each aircraft has a maintenance program to ensure that it is airworthy and fit for flying our passengers safely.

The crew does a pre-flight check for damage, leaks, brake wear and lights functionality before each flight. We also do larger daily checks, where oil, tire pressure, landing gear, flaps and slats, rudders, fan blades, engine oil and hydraulic oil, oxygen quantity, lights and the interior are checked. 

There are also larger checks called A-checks every six weeks. And, every 24 months or after a predefined number of flights, we have larger C-checks, when the aircraft is on the ground for 2–4 weeks and all necessary maintenance is done.  

Why are aircraft registered in different countries?

The aircraft has to be registered in the country where it is operated, or where the aircraft operator certificate (AOC) is registered. As SAS has a Scandinavian AOC, we can have Swedish, Norwegian and Danish registered aircraft. The registration is found on each aircraft livery as letters starting with a code for the country it is registered in, then three specific letters for that registration. Swedish registered aircraft start with SE, Norwegian with LN and Danish with OY. 

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