SAS's lounges in Google Street View.
SAS's lounges in Google Street View.


Check out SAS lounges with Google Street View

Now it's easier than ever to take a look inside SAS lounges - you don't even have to be at the airport!

The SAS Lounge is the place where your travel starts, and somewhere to pop in, relax, get connected and use your time exactly the way you want to. Put your feet up and rest, enjoy excellent food and beverages, or maybe use that extra time to get some work done.

All this and then some

• Fast and free WiFi
• Newspapers & magazines
• Free food & beverage
• Travel Service
• Larger spaces & additional seating
• Increased number of toilets
• New design elements & colors
• Kids room
• Phone room
• Guest office
• Relaxing areas 

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If you're planning a trip and are curious about what the lounge looks like and what services are on offer, check it out with Google Street View. You can stroll around the Lounges in Copenhagen and Oslo and also visit the Stockholm SAS Lounge and SAS Gold Lounge.

SAS's lounges always offer free WiFi, and you can either bring your own computer or borrow a desktop computer. Many of the lounges have guest offices, printers and telephone booths for undisturbed conversation. If your family is with you, selected destinations offer a kid's room to play in. 

When it comes to food, you can enjoy a delicious buffet, fresh salads and excellent wines. SAS Lounges and the SAS Gold Lounge also offer heartier meals and a wide range of beverages, while in the Domestic Lounges and Café Lounges you´ll find a more basic food selection.

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Explore SAS Gold Lounge in Stockholm »

Last edited: February 9, 2017

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