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Sometimes, you can be flexible with your travel plans. But sometimes you need to plan for the unexpected, with a fully flexible ticket that can be cancelled or changed as needed.

Sometimes you need that extra bag. Sometimes you’re just off for a weekend. But sometimes it’s longer than that. Sometimes you travel for work. And sometimes for pleasure. SAS offers travel classes to suit your next trip, no matter how you want to travel. Welcome onboard.

SAS Go Light

SAS Go Light gives you our best price on all trips within Scandinavia, to and from Scandinavia 
and Europe and the USA/Asia. It’s the best option for when you are travelling light with just a small
 bag that will fit underneath the seat. You can easily add carry-on bags, checked baggage and other
 additional services to your Go Light ticket.



Your best choice when traveling with checked baggage. Choose SAS Go for a good deal within Europe, as well as for favorable return tickets to the US and Asia. (Inflight entertainment on long-haul flights)

SAS Plus

SAS Plus

Your best choice when you need flexibility and freedom to change your ticket. Choose SAS Plus for added comfort such as wider seats and ­adjustable neck and footrests (on long-haul flights) You can also check one bag, and you’ll earn more EuroBonus points than when flying in SAS Go.

SAS Business

SAS Business

Traveling far and need to arrive well rested? With SAS Business, you will get the best possible service and comfort with fully flat massage seats. You can check two bags as well as bring two carry-on bags onboard. You will also be treated to a three-course meal and entertainment.

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