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Each year, over a million EuroBonus members use their points on a bonus trip.
Each year, over a million EuroBonus members use their points on a bonus trip.


EuroBonus makes life simpler

SAS EuroBonus has evolved from a simple frequent-flyer program into the largest loyalty program in the Nordics, with a wide range of offers. EuroBonus members can earn points from purchases of flights, hotels, car rental and various household expenses.

And by getting a EuroBonus card that is combined with any of SAS’s credit card partners – American Express, MasterCard, or Diners Club, EuroBonus points can be earned on all transactions.

SAS EuroBonus members can already earn points from purchases at over 400 online stores and they will soon be able to earn points from purchases made in physical stores too. 
“This will give our members even more ways to collect points,” says ays Magdalena Rohdin-Hurtig, EuroBonus Product Owner, Program Development at SAS. “If you buy clothes or have a meal at a restaurant or café, you will be able to swipe your EuroBonus card in the payment terminal and have points added to your EuroBonus account.”  

The new service will initially be launched in 300 stores in Sweden, followed by stores in Denmark and Norway.

The SAS app also has a new feature called “Where to earn points” which shows users a map of all the places near their current location where they can shop to earn more points.
“The app naturally includes the locations of all our long- term partners such as hotels, car rental companies and gas- oline companies,” says Rohdin-Hurtig. “But it will also show the new stores and restaurants where you can earn points by swiping your EuroBonus card.” 

With all the new opportunities to earn points outside the airport, it pays to be a EuroBonus member, even if you don’t consider yourself a frequent flyer. The points you earn from shopping can for example lead to a bonus trip or other kinds of fun in the future.

Each year, over a million EuroBonus members use their points on bonus trips,” Rohdin- Hurtig says. “It really pays to be a member and earn points.” 

Even if your points total is not enough to pay for a whole bonus flight, SAS EuroBonus members can still use their points to pay for part of a journey or upgrades on existing flights.

“And members can now use their points for any ticket on any flight,” Rohdin-Hurtig says. “Even if all the available bonus seats for the desired departure have been booked, you can buy a regular ticket and pay with points.”

Read more about EuroBonus here including how frequent flyers can get even more benefits.

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