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Every day, offshore engineers and other technical staff from Oceaneering fly up and down the Norwegian coast. The SAS Travel Pass makes their travel and billing far more convenient.

Oceaneering is a global oil services group that provides products and services mainly to the oil and gas industry. Its head office is in Houston, Texas, USA. The Norwegian head office is based in Stavanger, but the company also has several offices along the coast from Kristiansand in the south to Trondheim in the north. Oceaneering engineers, technicians and managers are airborne every single day.

“Bodø, Florø, Trondheim and Bergen are just some of the places we fly to on a normal working day,” Purchasing Manager Fridtjov Helland of Oceaneering says.

The company aims to make accounting and necessary travel arrangements as simple as possible, which is why Oceaneering uses SAS Travel Pass Corporate.

“For us, it's about optimizing every step to ensure we’re as competitive as possible. Minimal administration and flexibility are important for our people on the move. SAS Travel Pass Corporate gives us flexible tickets at good prices and it's simple to use for both our travel bookers and travel agency. If we have to change a ticket, there's no fee and the flexibility of Travel Pass Corporate means we don’t pay until the trip is completed,” Helland says.

Employees fly SAS Plus class, meaning they can choose Fast Track at the airport and get through mandatory security checks quicker. You can also use SAS lounges to get a bite to eat, relax or work in peace and quiet. What's more you can take two 23kg bags.
And this isn't the only product Oceaneering is delighted to have. They also use the SAS electronic Travel Pass.

“We buy up to 100 trips to and from our most frequent destinations. We pay a fixed rate and can travel on the day, provided seats are available. Everyone in the company can use the pass and we get just one single invoice.”

Companies can also buy individual products with an unlimited number of trips between two destinations or within a travel zone. This makes administration easy and employees also earn points on their own EuroBonus cards when they travel on business.

“It's like having a card with a bit more sparkle,” Helland says.

“SAS offers corporate products that save you both time and money whichever way you choose to fly. It should be easy to fly with SAS and with the least possible paperwork. Ensuring our passengers have an efficient and comfortable flight is important to us,” Catharina Törnemo Fecko, Head of Concepts & Ancillary at SAS, says.

Text: Inga Ranghild Holst

Last edited: February 17, 2017

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