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Explore SAS’s new cabin using Google Street View

You can now take a close look around SAS’s new long-haul cabin using Google Street View. Take a a virtual tour onboard a long-haul aircraft and experience what it is like to travel in SAS’s upgraded cabin.

SAS now lets you explore its refurbished long-haul aircraft using Google Street View. Take a virtual tour onboard an SAS long-haul plane and inspect the new cabin interior onboard Airbus A350. Take a stroll through the different service classes of SAS Go, Plus, and Business, and have a look at the aircraft seats, the in-flight entertainment system, and the rest of the interior, such as the galley and even the toilets.

“We are constantly striving to create new and innovative digital solutions for our customers, so we are very proud that SAS is letting everyone see what it is like to travel with SAS using Google Street View,” says Bård Nordhagen, Global Marketing Manager at SAS.

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