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You can buy a whole range of great items with EuroBonus points at the EuroBonus Shop on SAS’ website including products from many well-known brands, and you can pay using a combination of points and cash. And now, you can also earn EuroBonus points no matter how you pay.

Lighten your load

Lite-Shock is the lightest suitcase from Samsonite’s Curv collection. The minimal weight combined with maximum impact resistance makes this suitcase perfect for travel. This hard shell suitcase’s self-reinforced organic design and ultra-light, high comfort components result in an extra lightweight luggage collection. Available in several different colors and sizes.

Around 63,440 EuroBonus points

Simply stylish

The Petit Earstick from jewelry designer Pernille Corydon encapsulates all that we love about Danish design. These feminine ear sticks with small zircons measure 2.5mm and are perfect to combine with other articles from the collection for more attitude or a simple and effective look on their own.

Around 6,600 EuroBonus points

Hear the difference

You can’t control how noisy your environment is, but you can decide how much of it you let in by setting your own levels of noise cancellation with the Bose QuietControl 30 earphones. With a Bluetooth connection to keep the wires out of your way, it’s perfect for travel or your run.

Around 82,250 EuroBonus points

A close shave

With two foils, the No 421 Carrera Shaver shows no mercy to even the most stubborn stubble, while the integrated trimmer catches longer hairs, too. Easy to clean and USB chargeable, this shaver is a perfect accessory for your next journey.

Around 19,650 EuroBonus points

Flat out

Keep those persistent curls at bay every day with the Carerra No 534 professional hair straightener. Its long, wide aluminum styling plates contain an argan oil supplement to keep your hair soft and springy, while a ceramic coating helps your hair glide right through for the perfect finish.

Around 21,860 EuroBonus points

High and dry

Get that just-out-of-the-salon look with the Carrera AC No 631 blow dryer. Hairdryers with an AC motor last four times longer than conventional DC motors due to their functionality and construction, and the ion generator on the 631 ensures a frizz-free luster and a healthy appearance.

Around 14,270 EuroBonus points

All prices include local VAT. Prices are excluding shipping and may vary depending on the market.

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