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The introduction of high-speed, high-quality WiFi on flights within the Nordics and Europe means more ways to spend your valuable time.

SAS is ready to introduce the first 30 short-haul planes equipped with high-speed WiFi – like you’ve never seen before.


According to recent surveys, 90% of travelers on short-haul European flights want to be able to use their own smartphone, 80% want to use tablets and 70% laptops.

Travelers in SAS Plus as well as Euro-Bonus Diamond and Gold members enjoy free WiFi onboard. Silver members also have free WiFi until 19 -August. Those flying in SAS Go pay EUR 4,90 for full access.

Need for speed
You’ll have enough speed to keep up with friends and in social media.

Make time matter
On most flights, you’ll be able to start streaming as soon as you’re in the air.

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“Introducing WiFi this good is really about making life easier for travelers,” explains Thérèse Lorenius, VP Product & Services. “We want people to be able to make full use of their time onboard.

“Even more importantly, from most airports you can get connected as soon as the plane starts moving – and stay connected right up until you land.”

Using SAS’ new WiFi should be easy and trouble-free. Not only can you catch up on work emails or finish and file that report, you can also shop, book a restaurant or find and reserve an exciting activity at your destination.

California-based communications company Viasat is an industry leader when it comes to in-flight WiFi, so it makes sense that SAS, with its commitment to both quality and customer care, would choose a partner with the same values.  

“SAS is a very strong and proud brand,” says Don Buchman, Vice President and General Manager Commercial Aviation at Viasat. “And the WiFi they’ve chosen reflects that. Passengers don’t need to lower their expectations when they board – the WiFi is cutting-edge and it will never disappoint.”

The new high-speed WiFi will be available on several short-haul flights in the Nordics and to and from Europe and will be rolled out on a continual basis.

‘Travelers shouldn’t have to lower their expectations when they board’

“We really listen to our travelers and not only give them what they want, but what they need,” says Thérèse Lorenius. “This is part of the SAS New Experience, which has already brought fresh interiors, new lounges and the New Nordic Food & Drink Concept – and now WiFi.”

Installation is ongoing and SAS is working around the clock with partner Viasat. There will also be USB ports in most seats, so you’ll never run out of juice.

“Having WiFi onboard means you can be entertained, catch up on work, book that tennis lesson or get in touch with family and friends,” says Gunilla Ait El Mekki, SAS Entertainment and Connectivity Manager.

SAS is always working to not just meet traveler’s needs but to also anticipate them – so watch this space. There are many more welcome surprises coming your way.

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Last edited: May 16, 2018

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