Going for gold

SAS is partnering with the regional Olympic committees to help out with development and logistics ahead of the Games in Tokyo in 2020 and further ahead for Beijing in 2022.

The stadiums are growing, the mascots have been unveiled and the excitement is rising as Tokyo looks forward to hosting its first Olympics since 1964 next year. Closer to home, mean while, preparations are already underway in Scandinavia, a region with a fine record of success over the years and one where the Games are still a hugely anticipated occasion.

SAS is doing all it can to help in the quest for Olympic gold in Tokyo and Beijing, with cooperative agreements with the Olympic committees in each of the Scandinavian countries. This marks the latest in a long line of collaborations with sportsmen and women from the region – the past year alone saw a tie-up with Sweden’s Ski Team Alpine, in which SAS purchased biofuel to partly offset the team’s carbon footprint and helped the skiers out as well with a variety of other travel related issues. SAS also partnered last year with Sweden's national football team for its World Cup adventure in Russia in the summer. In some ways this for new agreement is similar, although with a much bigger scope. 
“We’ve done several partnerships with one specific team before, but this time we’re connected to the committees. It’s an umbrella for something we hope will last for many years to come,” says Annelie Nässén, SAS’ Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. 

The partnership with the Swedish Olympic Committee, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, and the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports in Norway will see SAS taking on a role as an enabler for athletes leading up to and during the Games. 
“It’s a long-term and wide-ranging co-operation which, among many other things, will involve us in helping them to get to and from the Olympics in the most convenient way possible. We want to make their lives easier, so they can focus on what they actually need to be doing to succeed,” Nässén adds. 

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