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How to be a sustainable traveler

What makes the ultimate climate-smart traveler? We show you how you can stay one step ahead when traveling by air – and reduce emissions.

Climate change is an ever present concern for SAS and it makes constant efforts to reduce emissions. As well as investing in new, modern aircraft to replace older ones, the airline also wants to increase awareness of climate change among travelers.

“If we look at people who buy air travel for others, traditionally business travelers, they set very high standards when it comes to climate change,” says Lars ­Andersen Resare, Sustainability Manager at SAS. “There’s growing interest among air travelers in general, but it would be fantastic if even more of them were to get involved. Then they’d discover that we have some really great products and services on offer.”

He thinks that as travelers, we have a duty to find out about the sustainability initiatives being carried out by airlines and to choose a reputable airline with a structured focus on climate change and clear long-term targets.

New at SAS this year is the opportunity for travelers to upgrade to biofuel. Until now, it has only been possible to offset your carbon footprint, but with this new solution, you can also choose 100% biofuel or a mixture of carbon offsets and biofuel.

“This is something we feel is extremely important to offer,” says Andersen Resare.“One of our main focus areas at SAS is to reduce climate-impacting carbon ­dioxide emissions, and we want to do this together with our travelers.” 


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