How to get through airport security fast

Our guide to getting through airport security hassle-free.

Empty your pockets completely

Put your keys, handkerchiefs, banknotes, coins, money clip and phone in your jacket pockets, then place your jacket in the box on the conveyor. There are also jackets available, such as a Scottevest, that have lots of pockets for all your small items, books, glasses and so on.

Think ahead

Preparation is important and it begins at home. Pack your carry-on bag so that you can easily remove any laptop or tablet and place it in the box on the conveyor. Pack your liquids (each up to max. 100ml) in a 1l resealable bag in advance. If you don’t have one of these bags, you can get one at security. You can only bring one bag per person. Another clever trick is to put light items, such as hats, scarves, belts and papers underneath your jacket, so they don’t fly off if they have to go through the X-ray machine twice.


Be polite to those working on the other side of the conveyor. That usually makes things go a little easier. And bomb jokes can often be explosive at the security check.

Loosen your belt

When your goal is to get through the metal detectors as effortlessly as possible, metal is your biggest enemy. Make sure you’ve removed your belt if it has lots of studs and/or a large buckle, and emptied everything out of your pockets before you go through.


At some airports, you may be asked to take your shoes off. Not everyone likes walking around the airport in flip-flops, so consider wearing slip-on shoes, then you can easily take them off and put them on again while still wearing socks.

No sharp objects or large amounts of liquid

No scissors with a cutting edge longer than 6cm, knives or swords in your carry-on. No bottles of cola and no wine either. If you want to have a bottle of water, there’s no need to drink it all there and then. There’s water on the other side of the security check too.

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