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How travelers use WiFi at 10,000 meters

SAS has now installed high speed WiFi in 53 aircraft in its fleet. This means that passengers can do everything they want to do online, even when seated in an aircraft. And that's exactly what they do.

The new SAS WiFi raises the concept digital nomad to a new dimension. When you travel on short haul routes with SAS, you now no longer need to put what you were doing on hold, simply because you were about to fly off somewhere. Whether you want to clear your inbox, watch live soccer, stream Netflix or update social media, you can do it onboard.

“Our new WiFi service is the best on the market and helps passengers make the best possible use of their time throughout their journey. Whether they want to work, listen to music or relax with a movie, they can do it in the same way as they do on the ground,” says Gunilla Ait El Mekki, Entertainment & Connectivity Manager at SAS.  “Many passengers who are expecting a slow connection, get a real aha experience what they see how well it actually works,” she says.

With SAS, you don't need to choose a specific package. You always have the chance to stream, surf or use social media, either free or for a small fee. The fast connection means that you can do what you usually do even in the air.

“We can see that passengers are sticking to their usual rhythm onboard,” says El Mekki. “That is to say either work or sleep on morning flights and relax with streaming services and TV channels after 6pm. And on Saturdays, there's a lot of streaming all day.”

What travelers use the new WiFi for:

  • Spotify player. Over 22% use Spotify to listen to music.
  • Have Queen also made a comeback on your play list? Between May 2018 and March 2019, flyers have spent 7,302 hours on Spotify Streaming or 438,120 minutes. That adds up to around 125,177 streamed tracks (based on 3.5 minutes per track on average).
  • Cat videos, Carpool Karaoke or Stranger Things? Both YouTube and Netflix have been streamed over 11,000 hours since the launch.  In round figures, that corresponds to 1,100 hours (or 733 videos) a month.
  • The Nordic TV channels player services such as SVT Play, NRK and dr.dk are very popular.
  • And watching sport is another popular pastime. Sales rise significantly during events such as the Soccer World Cup, the European Athletics Championships and skiing competitions.
  • Googling the streets of London: This is a big thing on flights to and from London and within Scandinavia to and from Copenhagen.
  • SoMe – Facebook is accessed in 77% of all sessions.
  • The device of choice is the iPhone. There have already been over 445,000 iPhone sessions in 2019, (58% of all sessions) and almost 77,000 iPad sessions (10% of all sessions). By way of comparison, there have been 92,000 Android sessions or around 12% of all sessions.
  • Customers make new travel bookings onboard, purchase upgrades for coming flights, order food, access to lounges and seats. Access to the SAS website, the SAS App and scandinaviantraveler.com is always free.

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