The outpouring of emotion in airport arrivals halls around the world provides the inspiration for SAS’ latest campaign.

We all know that feeling. We’ve cleared customs, picked up our bags and the doors open in front of us in the arrivals hall. Some of us know exactly what we’re doing and head off with a purpose, others look for loved ones, colleagues or taxi drivers, momentarily confused as they scan the crowd in front of them at a sea of faces expressing joy, anticipation, hope, determination and a myriad of other feelings.

The arrivals hall is a place where great things happen, and with that in mind, SAS’ new campaign follows the comings and goings at airports all over the world at close quarters.

“At SAS we’ve brought millions of Scandinavians out to the world for over 70 years. They’ve seen the world, been inspired, maybe started new businesses, learned something new or simply realized how they cherish what they have back home. Our new campaign aims to salute travelers when they return home by telling some of the many stories about how ­travel has enriched their lives,” says ­Annelie Nässén, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at SAS.

Four Scandinavian celebrities kick things off with some of their own stand-out memories and stories of how travel has inpired or changed them.


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