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Inspired by you – a fresh take on food

SAS’ new Food & Drink concept on short-haul flights focuses on quality, origin and the needs and wishes of the customers.

What our travelers eat and drink is at the center of the SAS New Experience. This new food and drink concept is designed to give customers what they want, while elevating the onboard dining experience.

When traveling with our customers we learned that what they want most is freshness and quality – and to be able to influence what and how they eat. As a result, SAS is increasing the assortment of high quality food from local producers, and delivering it in a way that gives customers the flexibility they want.

Premium products with a strong local heritage are one cornerstone of the new concept, with a focus on great taste, the four seasons and natural ingredients, with additional offerings from abroad and selected products from premium global brands.

Packaging will also be vastly enhanced, reflecting Scandinavia and fitting the context of flying and the expectations of today’s customers. The first part of the new concept is being rolled out starting in April and will focus on improvements to the snacks and beverage assortment.

While favorites like Coca Cola will remain on the menu, the wide assortment of snacks and drinks from top Scandinavian producers will include Larssons Chips from Sweden, Speedy Tom Chocolate from Denmark, and Ringi Apple Juice from Norway. You will also find high quality stronger beverages, such as Denmark’s Mikkeller Vodka, Sweden’s Mackmyra Whisky and Norway’s Harahorn Gin.

In late May, the second stage of the concept will be launched, with a new packaging concept that will put further focus on our food quality and service experience. It will be available on Scandinavian and European flights – and might just change the way you think about onboard dining!

Follow the new concept on SAS New Experience

Text: Judi Lembke

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