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Introducing the neo – a new plane in the SAS fleet

In just a few months the first Airbus A320neo will be delivered to SAS. The aircraft has lower fuel consumption than its predecessor and a longer range. This is the next step in the development of the SAS fleet becoming even more efficient and reducing the environmental impact of aviation.

The A320neo is the latest version of the A320-family and was launched by Airbus in December 2010 as the successor to the A320. So what’s the big news? Fuel consumption.

Airbus A320neo

Length: 37.57 m
Height: 11.76 m
Wingspan: 35.80 m
Cabin width: 3.7 m

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The A320neo has a fuel consumption that is approximately 15% less than its predecessor. Taking into account that the A320neo can carry more passengers, it can deliver around 20% less fuel consumption per seat. This equals around 5,000 tons of fuel saved per aircraft and per year, making the A320neo the most efficient and environmentally-friendly aircraft in short and middle range travel.

NEO is short for New Engine Option, and at first glance two things strike you. First the two large CFM Leap 1A engines that SAS has chosen for its version, and second the 2.4 meter-long Sharklets rising up from the wingtips. Together these improvements give the aircraft lower fuel consumption, and an almost 1000 kilometer longer range.

Inside the cabin, travelers will notice that the overhead compartments hold more baggage than most of the current SAS A320 aircraft. Another new feature with the SAS version of the cabin is the placement of the aft toilets. Two toilets are placed next to each other towards the aft bulkhead, the lateral one is designed to be more accessible for persons with reduced mobility. The first SAS A320neo is due to be delivered in October 2016, and deliveries will continue until 2019.


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