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It’s all in the details

Retrofitting 66 aircraft is not done in a day – and when you’re an airline like SAS, where premium is a priority – getting all the details just right is the highest priority.

With an average of 169 seats per aircraft and 66 short-haul aircraft being retrofitted it can only be described a a massive undertaking - but it’s an undertaking SAS is committed to carrying out in order to give it’s 29 million true travelers who fly short-haul each year the new experience they expect from Northern Europe’s premier airline.

New seats to be installed in Steinar Viking. Photo: Derek Knight

Bringing the premium design experience already enjoyed on long-haul and the A320neo to the short-haul fleet will has already begun and will continue over the course of two years.  The first stage of the retrofit takes about three weeks. During that time a gray, natural, breathable fabric will be installed, along with new curtains and new carpets. 

The second stage of the retrofit, which will begin in autumn 2017, will be the installation of high-speed WiFi. That will be followed by high-powered USB ports, which will begin in winter 2017.  Finally, a light version of the mood lighting now found on the A320neo will be achieved by replacing fluorescent lights with 3 361 warm LED lights. The fore and aft walls will be a soothing ash with the SAS logo up front.

New carpets are fitted before mounting the seats. Photo: Derek Knight

The entire retrofit will be complete in 2019. The first plane to be retrofitted, the Steinar Viking, was just finished in Shannon, Ireland and its maiden flight just took place, flying from Oslo to Stavanger.

Text: Judi Lembke

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