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Baby on airport. Photo: Shutterstock
Baby on airport. Photo: Shutterstock


Keep your baby happy onboard

Flying long distances with a baby is always a bit of a gamble. It is impossible to predict how they are going react and it could feel like a very long flight indeed – not least for your fellow passengers – if it goes badly. Here are some useful tips for keeping the little ones happy.

Fly at night

If possible take a night flight. That way everyone has a chance of getting some sleep.

Book a cradle

Bassinets are provided free of charge on flights to the US or Asia for babies under nine months old and weighing less than 11kg. Be sure to book ahead though since there are only a limited number available. Remind staff at check-in that you have booked a cradle and mention it again at boarding just in case. You don’t want to miss out on any sleep.

A full baby is a happy baby

Take your own baby formula and food, and have a feeding schedule worked out before the flight. Bring extra food, clothes and diapers in case your baggage gets delayed.


Toys and games are always welcome distractions, but safety brochures and other passengers can come in handy, too.

In case of emergency

If all else fails make sure you have some earplugs to hand out of consideration for your neighbors. If you’re traveling with your other half take it in turns so you both get a break and a chance to recover.

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