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More than just a bag of chips

Drawing on more than 550 varieties of potatoes, Larssons Chips pack unique flavor into every bite.

Managed by seventh-generation farmers Bitte and Bertil, ­Larssons Chips is a Swedish family-run operation that’s continually refining the potatoes grown to create its savory chips while also trying out both new and older varieties to find those best suited to the farm’s land. The result is a unique collection that allows the Larssons to choose the best spud for the season and conditions and gives ­every bag of gourmet chips a unique, premium flavor. 

The company has been manufacturing chips at home on the farm since 2012. The entire chain of production – cultivating raw materials, growing the potatoes, manufacturing the chips and packaging them – takes place at the Larssons’ chip factory in ­Larsviken, Sweden.

In addition to having complete control over the chain and the ability to choose the best raw materials at the optimal moment, the Larssons also use 100% cold-pressed rapeseed oil. And when you open your chips, you’ll see on the package what kind of potato was used for that particular bag.

Bet you can’t eat just one!

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