New lounge at Oslo Airport

In SAS’ fantastic new lounge at Oslo Airport you can make that important telephone call, enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, have a workout, take a shower and even have a massage to loosen up those tense shoulders.

Facilities available at the SAS Lounge at Oslo

  • 1000 Mbit WiFi.
  • 3 telephone rooms.
  • Coffee bar with dedicated barista.
  • Kitchen section offering food and drink, including beer and wine.
  • Light energy room through partnership with Phillips.
  • Massage through partnership with Soleus.
  • 70sq m gym with treadmill, spinning bikes, rowing machine and weights through partnership with SATS.
  • Shower, changing rooms and toilet. You can borrow towels if you need to.
  • SAS’ partnerships with companies such as HP let you try out innovative technology. This fall, for example, HP is demonstrating virtual reality products. 
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SAS passengers travel a lot, attending meetings and visiting new customers everywhere, from Stavanger to Shanghai. For those travelers who spend a lot of time at airports, SAS wants to provide the most comfortable experience possible – and one that helps travelers make the most of their time, whether it’s preparing a presentation or going for a run on a treadmill.

To help make this a reality, SAS opened a new lounge on 13 September at Oslo Airport.

“You’ll be able to do the same things here that you do when you’re not traveling,” SAS Product Development Manager and Project Manager Roger Wilsson says. “You can work and make telephone calls – we’ve installed a 1000 Mbit WiFi network and created separate telephone rooms where you can talk undisturbed, and you can also recharge your batteries with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. You can even have a workout and a shower.” 

Located next to SAS Fast Track on the second floor, the new lounge covers an area of 902sq m. SAS carries 29 million passengers each year and there’s a simple reason why it’s now offering this facility – because passengers asked for it. 

“When we asked our passengers in quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews, they said they would like to be able to exercise, work and have the opportunity for personal care while traveling. The needs of our passengers are important to us and we want to give them what they want and need.” says SAS Head of Onground Products and Services Catharina Kumlin.

“We Scandinavians are renowned for the warm welcome we give to our customers and this will shine through in the SAS Lounge,” Kumlin continues. “As you enter, you’ll be greeted by a host, who will help you with everything you need or are unfamiliar with. The host will also be able to answer any questions you may have about your journey. Farther into the lounge, you’ll find our kitchen section, where you can help yourself from our buffet and have a glass of beer or wine.”

There’s also an area with couches where you can relax, check your email or read a book, as well as a coffee bar with a dedicated barista. The lounge is decorated in a smart and sophisticated Scandinavian style, using authentic natural and local materials, while a beautiful wooden floor complements the décor perfectly. And alongside the sophisticated design, you’ll also find exciting technological innovations.

“SAS travelers are early adopters,” Wilsson says. “So it’s only natural that SAS offers new technology, smart solutions and innovation. We combine the physical and the digital in the innovation section of the lounge. For instance, you can try out a light room developed by Philips, which can re-energize you in the dark winter months. There are other technological innovations available for you to try out. Right now, our partner HP is demonstrating virtual reality.”

SAS has also partnered with fitness center chain SATS to offer a gym area at the lounge covering 70sq m. “There’s a treadmill, spinning bikes, a rowing machine and weights, so it’s a room designed especially for those who don’t have much time,” Wilsson says. “You can also take a shower afterwards and borrow a towel if you don’t have one with you.”

Meanwhile, SAS partner Soleus will offer a quick energizing massage for a fee.

“We’ll also continue to develop the lounge in line with the wishes and needs of our customers,” Wilsson says. “SAS will continue to provide our travelers with great experiences all the way from their arrival at the airport until they reach their destination. Traveling should be easy, pleasant and efficient. We want the new lounge to be a home away from home for you when you’re traveling.”

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