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SAS is dedicated to giving true travelers the experience they want. With the retrofit of the short-haul fleet passengers will enjoy the same premium design experience already enjoyed on long-haul.

SAS’ core philosophy is to give back to customers by giving them what they want, so the short-haul retrofit, which brings the fleet in line with the A320neo and the long-haul fleet, is not just a lick of paint. SAS is sourcing everything to exact specifications and investing in all the bells and whistles.

“Passengers will notice the details,” says Kristine Mayer, Senior Manager Product Design & Communication. “The SAS logo type, the stitching on the seats, the texture of the natural fabrics, which breath, and the new LED lights, which will warm up slowly, giving a more soothing, relaxed atmosphere.”

The Steinar Viking, a Boeing 737-700, has been in service for ten years and the first stage of its retrofit just finished in Shannon, Ireland. Today, 12th of June, its maiden flight just took place, flying from Oslo to Stavanger.

The entire short-haul retrofit, which will bring SAS’s signature soothing, modern Scandinavian design heritage to 66 planes, will be complete in 2019.

Steinar Viking, just made it's maiden flight with its new cabin. Photo: Knut Lövstuhagen/SAS

Text: Judi Lembke

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