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Traveling in SAS Go? You can still visit the SAS lounge by paying with your points. Photo: SAS
Traveling in SAS Go? You can still visit the SAS lounge by paying with your points. Photo: SAS


Pay with points onboard and in the lounge

Why not take the opportunity to brighten up your next trip by treating yourself to something nice onboard, or perhaps even a little gift for someone else? Here you’ll find lots of ways you can use your EuroBonus points to make your journey even better.

Food and drink onboard

If you’re traveling in SAS Go in Scandinavia, Europe, or on domestic routes in Sweden and Norway, you can buy snacks, food, and drink, and pay with points.

On intercontinental routes, food and drink are included whatever class you’re traveling in (non-alcoholic drinks only in SAS Go), but you can still buy snacks, food, and drinks as usual and pay with points. 

Shopping onboard

On longer flights, you can also shop in STORE, which is SAS’s airborne Scandinavian store. Here you’ll find everything from perfumes, designer products, and technology to candy and toys – check out the STORE catalog onboard or take a look now before you go.

Browse the catalog here »

Visit SAS lounges

If you have time to kill before your flight, why not take the opportunity to relax in the SAS Lounge, take a moment to unwind with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or perhaps something tasty from the buffet, or maybe even do a little work?

If you’re traveling in SAS Go, you can pay for the lounge with EuroBonus points. Access to the lounge costs 3,000 points per person and you can pay when you check in online or at the SAS lounge reception.

Where to find the SAS lounge

  • Sweden – Stockholm: Terminal 5. Gothenburg: Transit Hall
  • Denmark – Copenhagen, Terminal 3
  • Norway – Oslo, Transit Hall
  • Finland – Helsinki, Terminal 1
  • Belgium – Brussels Pier A (can only be paid for when checking in online)

You can read more about the services you’ll find in the SAS lounge here »

Different rules may apply to different flights. Read more about the conditions for shopping on board here »

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