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Q&A - Your onboard WiFi questions, answered

Learn more about SAS’ new onboard WiFi on Scandinavian and European flights, which allows you to catch up on emails, stream films and TV shows and update your social media.

How will I know I’m on a WiFi-equipped plane?
If you have an information card that says “Get online in a few easy steps” in the seat pocket in front of you – you’re on a plane with WiFi available. The crew will also make an announcement.

Will WiFi be available for the entire flight?
Yes. On most flights, as soon as the plane is in the air you can start streaming and surfing. In the first phase of WiFi rollout, some areas will not be fully covered during short parts of the flight. Known service interruptions will occur on flights over the North Sea to and from the UK, flights over the Bay of Biscay and during flights to Svalbard and the Canary Islands.

When will SAS WiFi be available on all short-haul flights?
We’ve started installation and by the beginning of 2020, the majority of short-haul flights will have WiFi.

How fast is fast?
With the best WiFi on the market, you will be able to surf, stream and use a VPN connection on your flight.

Do I have to pay for SAS WiFi?
Travelers in SAS Plus as well as EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members enjoy free access to SAS WiFi onboard. Silver members also have free WiFi until 19 August. Travelers in SAS Go pay EUR 4,90 for full access.

What if my device is running low on batteries?
Most planes equipped with SAS WiFi will also have USB ports at every seat, so you’re never in danger of running out of juice.

Will I always be able to access the SAS website?
Yes. Access to the SAS website, SAS App  and scandinaviantraveler.com will always be free of charge.

Will SAS WiFi be supported on my device?
SAS WiFi is optimized for use on all major operating systems (e.g. Windows, mac-OS, iOS, Android) and for use with all major web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari). Using other systems or browsers may not provide the same full WiFi experience.

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