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Refreshing news from the SAS onboard menu!

SAS’ partnership with juice and smoothie producer Froosh has raised the bar in terms of both onboard sustainability as well as great taste.

In many ways, getting the ingredients right to offer a great tasting onboard experience for travelers is not so different to the process of offering SAS passengers a reliable and comfortable flight. And if you’re used to eating breakfast on your SAS flight you will no doubt already be aware of our delicious juice, produced by Scandinavian juice and smoothie specialist Froosh.

The drink makers have been supplying us with premium juice for five years, underlining the success of a partnership based on close contact, open and creative thinking on both sides and mutual values.

“When we look for suppliers in general we look for those who are sustainable,” says Alexander Lund, Product Manager Food & Beverage at SAS. “That can mean in terms of the product itself, the packaging and other factors too. A question we ask is ‘how we can have a more sustainable product tomorrow than the one we had before.’ Generally, we like to work with local suppliers, preferably using ingredients from the Scandinavian market, but of course within boundaries. When we work with oranges, for example, which have to be imported, it's a different situation,” he says.

The whole package

In the case of Froosh, the packaging is an ingredient almost as vital as the fruit itself. They use sustainable packaging made from fibers from FSC certified forests. As Lund says, it is one of the absolute best in terms of its environmental footprint, so SAS is happy to use it as a supplier.

Another significant aspect of the exclusive cooperation between Froosh and SAS involves the two partners producing two tailor-made drinks each year as part of SAS’ breakfast packet. What makes Froosh so special is the lengths they go to to provide SAS travelers with the best possible taste experience. It would be easy and convenient to simply serve passengers the same juice they sell on the ground, but it’s well documented that food and drinks taste differently at altitude, so with that in mind, special attention has to be paid to finding the most suitable raw ingredients to make the best tasting drinks under these somewhat unusual conditions.

“This juice is a unique SAS product,” Alexander Lund continues. “When we launched New Nordic by SAS in 2017, we had a need for a healthy tasty juice. But we wanted one that was a little different. Together with Froosh we often tried combining different raw materials with different bases, like apple or citrus for example, then added flavors to enhance the taste.”

“We like to add an extra twist, perhaps something with additional health benefits,” Julia Weijola, Senior Marketing Manager Froosh, adds. “Recent years have seen juices and smoothies frequently based on the kind of fruits and vegetables commonly found in the Nordics, such as beetroot, rhubarb and black berries. Upcoming new flavors, based on mandarin and elderflower, will be the next ones to launch.”

More than just a juice

So for Alexander Lund, what is it that makes Froosh and the partnership between the two companies so successful?

“When we find a good match we tend to have long-term relationships. We develop together with our suppliers to get a better taste and to be more sustainable. We like to push our suppliers to deliver to our standards and in this respect we have found Froosh to be a very good partner,” he says.

Julia Weijola adds, “We started off in  in Sweden back in 2008. Today we’re  the leading smoothie brand in the Nordics. Our products can also be found in several parts of northern and eastern Europe. The drinks are totally natural and free of additives and added sugar and are not from concentrate.”

Today, Froosh produces two series of smoothies. Its main selection consists of fruit smoothies, while in the “Functional smoothie” range, each has a specific function, like those with caffeine extract, or fibers. Its products are made using only plant-based products and in order to minimize any waste, if the fruit is oddly shaped or disfigured, as long as it still tastes great, it is always used.

SAS’ ambitious goals to reduce its CO2 impact may be focused largely on the newer, fuel-efficient aircraft, but every part of the company’s operations has a role to play, and partners are chosen with strict sustainability targets in mind. Froosh ticks all the boxes, according to Lund.

Passing the taste test

The refreshing drinks Froosh has developed with SAS have provided the bedrock for a partnership that has stood the test of time. And, as Alexander Lund is keen to point out, how the product actually tastes matters above all else.

“We measure the customer experience with our passengers on a very regular basis, and at the end of the day, flavor is the key, and for this Froosh really serves the purpose perfectly.”

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