SAS and Noma publish a book on Scandinavian food

Lovers of Scandinavian food now have something new to drool over: “Flavor - A journey in Scandinavian taste”, a book on Scandinavian food. And you have a chance to win a copy!

The book is published by SAS in cooperation with Noma, often called the world’s best restaurant. The editorial production was handed over to OTW, Scandinavia’s leading content agency.

“A book published by SAS and Noma – an airline and a gourmet restaurant. You’d be forgiven for asking why, but it’s not as far-fetched as it might seem,” says Eivind Roald, SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

“The list of what we have in common is much longer than the list of the differences. We both have roots in Scandinavia and we are proud of our culture, our tradition, and our wonderful natural assets Our core values are similar: we’re Scandinavian, easy, joyful, and community minded,” he adds.

The book, aimed at SAS’s premium customers, will also be available at selected SAS lounges around the world.

“Flavor” takes on expectations and explores the importance of core values, raw materials, natural resources, cultural heritage, and the desire to experiment. For example, the reader gets a peek behind the curtain at Noma, and is then flown up to 30 000 feet to learn what happens to our taste buds in high altitudes.

“Both SAS and Noma want to provide an experience, not a stand-alone service that is only about taking you from one place to another, or filling your stomach. Our aim is to surpass our customers’ expectations,” Roald says.

“Our shared core values have pulled us closer and today, our partnership covers everything from exchanging ideas to concrete things such as work on the logistics when Noma opened its pop-up restaurant at Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo.”

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