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SAS and the sustainability journey onboard

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, andit’s one that requires innovation all the way.

We believe aviation plays an important role in society by connecting communities, cultures and people in a time-efficient way. This is why we need to make flying more sustainable by reducing our climate impact. We’re working to achieve this by investing in new, efficient aircraft and increasing our use of biofuel, but also by everyone at SAS being actively involved in addressing sustainability in every part of their working day. Everything we do, large or small, matters.

In this issue of Scandinavian Traveler, we describe how we’re working to make everything onboard more sustainable.

Sustainable product and service development play an important part of our sustainability agenda. Everything we do and dev-elop is put under the microscope – should we stop using certain things? Can we use less, or can we replace materials with more sustainable ones? 

With our new cabin interior, weight is significantly reduced and we’ve changed to more sustainable materials. Packaging is -another area where we strive to keep the use of plastic to a bare minimum. Right down to the use of wooden drinking stir sticks, our aim is to make any materials we use 100% recyclable, as far as possible within the strict -legislation surrounding the handling of food and waste.

On top of what you’ll see during your flight, there are plenty of other initiatives going on behind the scenes. Take your onboard meal for example. Thanks to our pre-order meal service, we can minimize onboard weight (which in turn means we use less fuel to fly) and reduce waste considerably. We’re also working closely with our partners to ensure that the meals and drinks we offer are produced locally and according to season using high-quality -ingredients.

Our travelers have high expectations of us as a supplier and it’s our responsibility to live up to them. SAS aims to support, -develop and facilitate a more sustainable lifestyle, both for our current travelers as well as for those in the future. Scandinavians are passionate about sustainability which strengthens us in our goal to exceed the joint climate targets set by the aviation industry. We started the journey long ago, but we know that many challenges remain.

Welcome onboard our journey to become a more sustainable airline.

Rickard Gustafson
President & CEO, SAS

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