SAS CEO: Every step matters

At SAS, we’re constantly striving to use innovation to move forward, step by step, toward a more sustainable aviation industry with a lower climate impact.

We believe that traveling and explor- ing the world is mind-opening. By offering travel by air, we help connect communities, cultures and people.

Aviation is also a key enabler for open and progressive societies. To maintain and ensure the enormous value of aviation not just today but also for coming generations, SAS is determined to reduce the impact of flying on the climate.

Climate change is real. And the entire aviation industry has a responsibility to present a trustworthy roadmap for a sustainable future. At SAS, we’re determined to lead the way.

That’s why we’re working on several initiatives designed to reduce carbon emissions. One of the most visible signs is our large investment in more fuel-efficient aircraft. With our new fleet, we’ve reduced emissions by up to 18% on short routes and up to 30% on longer journeys.

Other initiatives may be less obvious at a glance. For example, we take the weight of every single item onboard into consideration as it impacts fuel consumption. We are also replacing existing interiors onboard with lighter versions – everything from the seats and carpets down to smarter designed trays and USB devices.

Removing tax-free sales onboard and making it possible to preorder meals are also initiatives that reduce weight and waste. Looking ahead, innovation and new technology are needed to reach zero-emission aircraft. I’m proud that Airbus has chosen SAS as its partner in a joint research project to develop electrified aircraft.

It will probably take more than a decade before we see fully electric or hybrid aircraft in large-scale commercial operations. To bridge the gap to the future, we believe that biofuel is a critical steppingstone. The volumes being produced today, however, are simply not enough and the price is up to four times higher than for fossil jet fuel. That’s why SAS is pushing for large-scale production of commercial biofuel.

As we strive to create a sustainable future, we’re addressing the CO2 emissions that we cannot eliminate with today’s technology by carbon offsetting trips on SAS for our EuroBonus members and Youth travelers. Help us in our efforts toward a more sustainable future by joining EuroBonus, which is free, and your trip on SAS will automatically be carbon offset. Because every step matters.

Welcome onboard!

Rickard Gustafson
President and CEO, SAS

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