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SAS CO2 compensates all Youth Tickets

From 1 April 2018, emissions from all SAS Youth Tickets will be CO2 compensated in the form of investment in renewable energy projects, totaling about SEK15 million annually.

The carbon offsetting program is one of several SAS environmental and sustainability initiatives focusing on reducing emissions.

Another major part is the transition to more fuel-efficient aircraft, underlined by SAS’s order of 80 new A320neo aircraft.

“Our new A320neos consume 18% less fuel than the previous A320 model, and this has reduced our CO2 emissions by 22% per passenger-kilometer since 2005. The use of innovative solutions and new technology is, and has always been, the top priority for us on our journey towards the next generation of traveling,” says Lars Andersen Resare, Head of Sustainability at SAS.

The carbon offsetting initiative is primarily focused on young travelers. The money invested, which in this case will be in wind power projects, will ultimately amount to approximately SEK15 million annually according to Resare.

“Our passengers, especially young travelers, make active choices when it comes to promoting sustainable development. CO2 compensation is available to all travelers, but from April 1st it has been included in all Youth Tickets as a key initiative to embrace and support this mindset”, he says.

Youth Tickets are available for travelers between 12 and 26.

SAS carbon offsetting is done in collaboration with an external party and focuses on renewable energy.

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