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SAS offers direct flights and pop up lounge in Austin for SXSW

SAS Dreams is offering the chance not only attend the annual SXSW interactive festival, and take advantage of a one-off direct flight to Austin, Texas.

The SAS Dreams package includes flights, accommodation and entrance to the festival, a huge event since 1987, that celebrates the best in interactive media, film and music. With a non-stop flight from Stockholm you can maximize your time networking, and do so in style, in new SAS cabins. 

“At SAS, we strongly believe that traveling inspires new ideas. We have therefore made it easier for Scandinavian travelers to access SXSW which we see as one of the most inspirational festivals in the world,” says Vice President in Brand & Marketing, Didrik Fjeldstad.

 SAS will also facilitate and host unique meeting points and sessions with strong partners, before, during and after SXSW and even on the flight to Austin, adding value for customers during their days in Austin. 

There are direct flights available for both the interactive and music festivals happening at SXSW. For those attending the interactive festival, the direct flight is on 8 March, returning 12 March. For the music festival the direct flight leaves Stockholm on 12 March. There are also connecting flights from all major Scandinavian airports. For more information and booking details visit www.sas.se/sxsw

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