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SAS high-speed surfing a success

The introduction of high-speed WiFi connectivity on SAS’ short-haul aircraft has been a resounding success, especially for business travelers, ­restless teenagers and soccer fans.

SAS unveiled its first high-speed WiFi-enabled short-haul aircraft in May this year. Ahead of the launch, customer service capacity was geared up to help if any problems arose. But in the end, the customer-service team received very few calls or emails – and not because of any connection difficulties.
“Pretty much everyone was very satisfied and we at SAS are very proud,” says Annika Ingelhammar, Head of WiFi and Commercial Concepts at SAS. “Customers aren’t used to WiFi onboard working so smoothly. We’ve received a very good response from travelers that have used the service, from happy tweets to enthusiastic comments on our Facebook page.” 


According to recent surveys, 90% of travelers on short-haul European flights want to be able to use their own smartphone, 80% want to use tablets and 70% laptops.

Travelers in SAS Plus as well as Euro-Bonus Diamond and Gold members enjoy free WiFi onboard. Those flying in SAS Go pay EUR 4,90 for full access.

Need for speed
You’ll have enough speed to keep up with friends and in social media.

Make time matter
On most flights, you’ll be able to start streaming as soon as you’re in the air.

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SAS’ high-speed WiFi enables travelers to do all the things they can do online at home. You can check and update social media, catch up on work emails, finish and send in reports, shop, book restaurant tables or find exciting activities at your destination. You can also stream movies, TV series or sports events in real time. This was a relief for soccer fans who were able to watch games from high in the sky during this summer’s World Cup. 
“When people realized they could watch the games onboard, many of them said: ‘Amazing. Wow! It’s so crazy that it actually works’. Not that many people had expected this,” Ingelhammar says.

Being connected makes flying easier for business travelers, smartphone-addicted teenagers and families with restless children. And since most seats onboard the WiFi-enabled aircraft have USB ports, batteries need never run out. 
“We’ve launched internet access to enable travelers to make more use of their time,” Ingelhammar says. “And they’re doing exactly that. Our customers do the same things in the air as they do on the ground. They either do some work or relax with a movie. We’re also seeing many people buying an upgrade for their next flight and booking totally new trips while onboard.
“Business travelers can book return flights onboard instead of having to wait until they’ve landed. And travelers heading home from a holiday can book a new trip straightaway if their wanderlust hasn’t been satisfied yet.” 

High-speed WiFi is now available on even more short-haul routes within the Nordic countries and on European routes. You will be able to see if your flight offers WiFi the moment you step inside the plane.
“The cabin crew will make an announcement and there’s also a card in the pocket in the back of the seat in front of you containing information on how to get connected,” Ingelhammar says. 

SAS currently offers high-speed WiFI onboard 33 aircraft. And more are in the pipeline. 
“We’re already in the process of instaling WiFi on more aircraft and we expect most of our short-haul flights to have WiFi onboard by the beginning of 2020,” says Ingelhammar.  

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