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SAS Plus: Enjoy smooth travel with a premium ticket

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, smooth travel and the ability to plan your journey make your flight that much more pleasurable. With an SAS Plus ticket you not only experience less stress, you do it with extra layers of comfort and ease.

SAS Plus Top Benefits

• Flexible tickets
• Business check-in
• Fast track
• Lounge access
• Priority boarding
• Pre-booked seats
• Food & drink onboard
• Free WiFi access
• More EuroBonus points for members

Fast track and lounges are available on selected destinations. All aircraft are not equipped with WiFi.

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We all love to travel but not many of us enjoy potential long lines for checking baggage or going through security. Instead, we love to go to the head of the line and feel a bit pampered once we’re onboard. 

The good news is that when you book SAS Plus you will be enjoying all the benefits of a premium travel experience. EuroBonus Gold member Erica Norman, who regularly flies with SAS for both business and pleasure, says there are a number of reasons why SAS Plus is her go-to ticket choice, especially when flying from Scandinavia to the US.

“Since I take so many transatlantic flights it’s important for me to fly comfortably and sleep well, both of which I get with SAS Plus. SAS Plus has the perks that I want – more comfortable seats, priority check-in and of course good food on board too. It’s also important to be able to use the lounges when you have connecting flights,” says the project leader, who works for a family-owned company in Sweden.

Traveling for business means your time is valuable and you often need to be effective. Access to the lounge allows you to have a quiet space in which to prepare for that big meeting or those important business calls.

Inside one of the SAS lounges

And, according to Norman, once you’ve tried SAS Plus you’ll not want to go back, whatever the reason you’re flying for.

“Even for leisure flights I always buy SAS Plus tickets. Once you’ve got used to that comfort it’s difficult to give it up, and of course as I’ve flown so much I have gold status membership now, so even when I’m just flying within Europe I still like to fly SAS Plus.”

On short-haul flights in SAS Plus, you enjoy a complimentary meal from the New Nordic by SAS menu, the award-winning food concept that focuses on seasonal ingredients from local producers. Regardless of your destination, onboard meals are designed to suit onboard conditions – because traveling at 10,000m can affect our ability to perceive taste.

If you’re a EuroBonus member, you earn extra points in Plus, which means you reach the next EuroBonus level much quicker. Additionally, every booking made with a EuroBonus number on SAS-operated flights is CO₂ offset, including tickets bought with cash or points. 

On flights within Europe and the Nordics, free high-speed WiFi means you can stream your favorite film or TV show. And even if it’s work that brings you on board, you can be in touch with the office as soon as the cabin crew closes the aircraft’s doors. 

Long-haul flights in SAS Plus also means extra legroom and a calmer environment, which will leave you fresh and ready to go, whether you’re planning on exploring one of the world’s most exciting cities or going into a meeting that could mean the future of your company. 

Erica Norman sums it up perfectly. “For me, SAS Plus provides a comfortable, total experience from arriving at the airport, fast track check-in, lounge, and most of course, a really good flight.”

It’s easy to forget that air travel can be a pleasure in and of itself, becoming an enjoyable part of the journey. Welcome to the premium hassle-free pleasures of SAS Plus.

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