Norweigan singer Fay Wildhagen shares her favorite music.
Norweigan singer Fay Wildhagen shares her favorite music.


SAS presents #TrueTravelerMusic: Fay Wildhagen

We know that true travelers in Scandinavia like music and that traveling and music go hand in hand. In the coming weeks some of Scandinavia’s leading music artists will share what they are listening to right now. This week norweigan Fay Wildhagen presents her tips.

Norwegian rising star Fay Wildhagen is superhot right now with her newly released single Lionheart. She and her band it touring Norway this summer and will also perform at Storsjöyran in Östersund, Sweden.

Fay about her favorite music:

Boom Clap Bachelors - Løb Stop Stå

Great music that I keep coming back to. Lovely sound and nice songs.

Facebook: facebook.com/BoomClapBachelors
Twitter: @boomclapdk

Bendik – Hjertebank og kulde

Bendik is a strong live performer and she recently released a live album. You can tell that she really means the word she sings.

Facebook: nb-no.facebook.com/bendikofficial
Instagram: @bendikofficial
Twitter: @bendikofficial

Mariam The Believer – The String of Everything

I first got to know the band Wildbird and Peacedrums that gave one of the best live performances last year, according to me. Mariam is so cool and like a more gritty version of Lykke Li.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MariamTheBeliever
Instagram: @mariam_repeatsuntildeath

Here are more tips from other artists:
Sara Dawn Finer

Stay tuned, next week another artist is sharing their music tips.

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