Singer Sarah Dawn Finer shares her favorite music.
Singer Sarah Dawn Finer shares her favorite music.


SAS presents #TrueTravelerMusic: Sarah Dawn Finer

We know that true travelers in Scandinavia like music and that traveling and music go hand in hand. In the coming weeks some of Scandinavia’s leading music artists will share what they are listening to right now. First up is Sarah Dawn Finer.

Sarah Dawn Finer is one of Sweden's most beloved and acclaimed singers. Her "Winterland" tour was "dazzling" said Aftonbladet and the NWT praised Sarah's "brilliant voice". This summer she'll be doing acoustic gigs in Stockholm and Varberg.

Sarah about her favorite music:

Seinabo Sey – Hard Time

Seinabo is one the best things to come out of the Swedish music scene for a long time. The songs, her voice, the productions - everything is great, interesting and real. 

Hard Time - the beat kills me! I love it. With her voice - you can't beat it. 

Facebook: facebook.com/seinabosey
Instagram: @seinabosey
Twitter: @SeinaboSey

Tingsek – World of its own

Magnus Tingsek is a fantastic talent from the south of Sweden who has been around for a while now. He is a self made artist. He writes, produces, and plays almost every instrument and of course sings. 
His Music is so great to listen to, because the harmonies, the arrangements, and the melodies are so amazing, and because it always feels like you are at his live shows. 

World of its own was the first song I ever heard of him on The radio. I thought I was listening to old school soul from USA. 

Facebook: facebook.com/tingsekmusic
Instagram: @tingsek
Twitter: @tingsek

Sabina Ddumba – Effortless

Sabina Ddumba is probably going to be the next big thing out of Sweden and out in the world, after other great female artists like Tove Lo, Lykke Li, Mapei, Robyn and many more. 

Efortless is a song you just can't stop listening to. Fantastic! I wanna hear more!

Facebook: facebook.com/SabinaDdumbaOfficial
Instagram: @sabinaddumba
Twitter: @SabinaDdumba 

Stay tuned, next week another artist is sharing their music tips.

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