Photo: Magnus Glans
Photo: Magnus Glans


SAS Talents: Dishy designs

Two years ago, SAS purser Carsten Haven Sörensen set out on a new path, creating an elegant, high quality line of ceramic dinnerware, perfect for cozy family meals as well as for elegant dinner parties.

SAS purser Carsten Haven Sörensen has always had an interest in ceramics as well as shape, color and design, but it wasn’t until two years ago that he felt the time was ripe for him to combine that creativity with his strong entrepreneurial spirit to produce a line of timeless, elegant dinnerware, named Carsten Haven Sthlm. 

“When I first started sketching designs for my line of ceramic plates I had little idea what a long and educational journey it was going to be,” Sörensen says. “Standing here today launching my new series is fun and incredibly satisfying, but there were definitely mistakes made along the way.”

One example is when Sörensen designed and produced his first prototypes. The plates measured 30cm but he later discovered that Scandinavian wall cabinets are usually 30cm deep, so the plates didn’t fit! Luckily, the design team at the factory in Portugal where his dinnerware is produced, were able to make adjustments to the size and weight – the final plates have dimensions of 23cm, 27cm, and 30cm – perfect for every kitchen. 

The self-taught stonemason took some of his inspiration from two of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, Lisbon and Porto. Porto, in particular, with its spectacular mix of old and modern architecture, fit his aesthetic perfectly. The collection is made of stoneware, a variant of clay for ceramics, manufactured with a higher proportion of mineral quartz than clay and fired at temperatures around 1,200–1,300°C. This makes the plates more durable and waterproof than those we usually find in shops.

But it’s the design that really stands out – you can almost feel Sörensen’s creative passion for his craft.

“One of the things I love is creatively using natural resources to make ­user-friendly products that have the ­lowest environmental impact possible,” Sörensen explains. “At the same time the design side really appeals to me. I love making products in a variety of colors that work for all seasons – I think this makes the line perfect for many different tastes.”

So will SAS’ top potter leave his high- flying life behind to pursue a career in stonemasonry? 

“Both our passengers and my colleagues make every day unique, with new pleasures and new challenges,” Sörensen says. “Combining safety, service ­and leadership in my daily work with this ­creative project on the side gives me enormous amounts of energy.” 

“Outwardly the crew might seem the same, but underneath our uniforms you’ll find a lot of unique personalities. So I really do have the best of both worlds – and I’m not going anywhere but up in the air.”

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