Send your best travel tips with ReMap

The SAS app continues to deliver. Try the new map service that allows you to send maps of your favorite city to your friends.

Sharing your travels with friends and loved ones is half the fun of taking a trip. A new feature on the SAS app, ReMap, allows you not just to share what you get up to in your favorite city or a new one. It also lets you share tips and your latest discoveries, such as that delightful little bistro on a forgotten side street in Paris or where to get the best burger in New York.

“The map lets our customers share travel insights and recommendations, as well as ask friends about tips for a future trip or destination,” says Stefan Hedelius, Vice President for Brand and Marketing.

Frequent travelers have unique insights on experiences outside of the normal tourist attractions, and SAS wants to help them share these with the help of social media, Hedelius says.

“This is one step in the direction of bringing our customers closer to one another and SAS closer to them,” he says.

Henrik Ebeling, Head of Mobile Solutions for SAS, says, “ReMap is a ‘personal life map.’ It’s designed to enhance travelers’ experiences.”

As SAS continues to enhance its app experience, you can expect it to become even more agile, responsive, and robust in the coming months. 

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