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Photo: Daniel Ohlsson
Photo: Daniel Ohlsson


Shop using your EuroBonus points

You can buy a whole range of great items with EuroBonus points at the EuroBonus Shop on SAS’s website including products from many well-known brands. And you can pay using a combination of points and money.

Become a yoga master

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to start working out in 2017, then this yoga mat from Casall could be for you. It is ideal for use at home, at the gym or when traveling. The mat is well cushioned to help you through the most challenging exer­cises in the most comfortable way and can be washed at 40 degrees. 

Around 4,500 points 

Whiskey a go go 

A set of four luxur­ious whiskey glasses from Orrefors designed by Jan Johansson. They are part of the Street series that also includes champagne glasses and candlesticks. With their square, clear-cut design, they’re ideal for a New Year’s nightcap.

Around 17,600 points

A night with Lena Philipsson

Swedish singer Lena Philipsson is bringing her latest critically acclaimed show, Jag är ingen älskling (I’m no darling), to the historic Rondo venue at Gothenburg’s Liseberg amusement park next year. The show is on from January 26 to March 18. 

Around 9,900 to 29,900 points

Monkey magic 

Kay Bojesen’s Monkey is a world-famous wooden toy that has stimulated the imagination of children and adults since 1951. The Danish designer’s Lovebirds, meanwhile, were originally only available to his closest friends, but they are now available to everyone to bring home to their loved ones. 

Around 20,300 points

The Nutcracker 

After a hugely successful autumn run in Stockholm, choreo­grapher Fredrik Benke Rydman, a former member of the dance group Bounce, is bringing his interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet to the Lorensbergs theatre in Gothenburg. From January 6 to 14. 

Around 8,700 to 9,900 points

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