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EuroBonus Everyday makes it easier than ever to earn points in stores, bars, restaurants and cafés – without leaving the ground.

Since 1992, EuroBonus has offered members a variety of ways to earn points. Combining your American Express or Mastercard with your EuroBonus card has been one way to secure a steady flow of points on all payment transactions. Now it’s possible to earn even more not just when traveling but also on the ground – simply by linking your payment card to your EuroBonus number. Use your payment card when shopping or dining at participating partners and you’ll earn points automatically. Your already combined EuroBonus Mastercard or American Express has to be linked again to earn points at selected partners.

“Offering members the chance to earn points while shopping on the ground strengthens the EuroBonus community,” says Petra Jura, Head of EuroBonus Sales at SAS. “It means EuroBonus members benefit from membership ­every day, no matter where they are. And being able to collect Euro­Bonus points both up in the air and on the ground supports SAS’ intention to be a full-service membership airline.”

After shopping or dining at participating outlets, you simply pay with the payment card you’ve linked to your EuroBonus number at SAS’s website.

“The concept, which is available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, has been particularly successful when it comes to restaurant visits,” says Magdalena Rohdin­-Hurtig, Project Manager at SAS EuroBonus. “Previously, we haven’t been able to award points to EuroBonus members when they’ve been dining out, but it’s now possible and it’s a great way to earn points each month, even if you’re not traveling.”

‘EuroBonus members benefit from their membership every day, no matter where they are’

Currently, there are approximately 600 participating merchants in Denmark, 300 in Sweden and 100 in Norway, and the number of affiliated outlets is continuing to grow. Typically, for every 100 Danish, Norwegian or Swedish kronor spent, you’ll earn 100 Euro­Bonus points, although the number varies from partner to partner.

“We value our cooperation with merchants of all sizes that are relevant to our members, whether those are bigger chains or smaller businesses,” Rohdin-Hurtig says. “Some EuroBonus members travel just a few times a year and they are as important to SAS as our more frequent travelers. EuroBonus Everyday allows all members to collect points on things other than flights – and this helps them reach flight awards more quickly.”

To find out where you can earn points on the ground with EuroBonus Everyday, simply download the SAS App and visit EuroBonus/Where to earn points or visit SAS’ website where you also can link your prefered payment card to your EuroBonus number.

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