Simply Chocolate is simply divine

Award-winning Danish chocolatiers combine fine craftsmanship with a twist of humor to produce premium chocolate.

It might be too cold to grow cocoa beans in Copenhagen, but a little detail like that hasn’t stopped Denmark’s Simply Chocolate from producing a new kind of premium gourmet chocolate that combines old-school traditions with completely original thinking. 

Simply Chocolate is about one thing and one thing only: chocolate. After sourcing the finest rich raw chocolate in the world, the chocolatiers take the best selection of both expected and unexpected all-natural ingredients, and then let their imaginations run wild as they produce gorgeous handmade chocolates, presented in beautifully designed tubes and boxes, as well as chocolate bars wrapped in cool, convenient foil. 

The chocolatiers have a playful sense of humor, using everything from almonds and hazelnuts to coconut, ginger, ­liquorice and chili – and even oatmeal and spelt flakes – to lift the chocolate experience to unexpected heights. Seasonal berries are also used, and Simply Chocolate never uses artificial coloring or flavoring.  

SAS’ new Snacks and Beverage concept has added Simply Chocolate’s Speedy Tom chocolate bar to the menu. It’s made of protein, Acai, cocoa, passion fruit and dark chocolate. It’s also gluten-free and contains 60% less sugar than you would normally find. 

Now’s your chance to enjoy a truly unique chocolate experience. 

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