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The SAS App – best airline app in Europe

It’s smart, intuitive and user-friendly. The SAS-app offers travelers a totally new travel experience.

The SAS App is the best airline app in Europe, according to analysis by e-commerce experts Flexponsives who have studied 50,000 reviews of 12 European airline apps. Both the iOS and Android versions of the SAS App received the best ratings.

The app covers basic services from booking your flight, choosing your seat, checking in and boarding, to checking your EuroBonus points. Innovative new solutions such as SAS Remap (personalized city maps) let your friends guide you to their ­favorite spots when you’re on the go. Connected Friends helps you keep in touch by letting you know when friends are arriving or departing. 

Built with the user in mind, the app focuses on easy interaction and modern, minimalistic Scandinavian design. Everything added to the app – like complimentary digital news­papers, entertainment (up to 22 hours before departure) and magazines such as Scandinavian Traveler – makes life easier and more enjoyable.

New versions of the SAS App are being released regularly. One new feature is a “Me” section that collects and stores your personal information safely in one place. And there are many other features being developed. So stay tuned – the best is yet to come.

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