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The second SAS A320neo is finally airborne

The premiere flight of Ulrik Viking, the second Airbus A320neo to join the SAS fleet has taken place today. Dennis Lynge-Sørensen was one of the pilots lucky enough to get to fly the very first of the new planes - here are his first impressions of A320neo.

Ulrik Viking is one of 30 brand new Airbus A320neos that will join the SAS fleet. Dennis Lynge-Sørensen, Senior Flight Officer at SAS, flew the first passanger flight with the new A320neo between Copenhagen and Stockholm.

“My first impression was like when you are at a car dealer and get into that brand new car that is an evolution on a good design. The smell of new carpets, the crisp feeling of the switches, the new LED lights giving perfect illumination of the flight deck, the perfect condition of the paint and the spotless new engines.”

The SAS A320neo is equipped with CFM Leap 1A engines, which offer exceptional technical and environmental performance. Thanks to these engines and the big sharklets on the wings, the A320neos burns 15-20% less fuel per flight compared to the older planes. The engines also run quiter, which already has been noticed in the cabin.

“Both the passengers and the cabin crew commented that the cabin noise was much lower than the classic Airbus,” says Lynge-Sørensen. “The passengers also really liked the mood lighting feature in the new cabin design along with the comfort of the new seats.”

The next A320neo is being delivered soon and is expected in service in the following weeks.

Follow the progress at SAS New Experience »

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