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TRAVELERS THINK BIG – SAS celebrates the incredible dreams of travelers

SAS travelers dare to think big and follow their dreams – something we first celebrated in our We Are Travelers concept. Now comes the next generation: Travelers Think Big.

In 2014, we launched our We Are Travelers concept, an initiative that was popular with customers and good for SAS, which has seen positive results ever since the launch.

“Since we launched We Are Travelers, alongside an updated and distinct identity, our brand recognition has been much higher in all countries than before, and customer surveys show that nearly 80% recognize our communication,” says Maria Wästlund, Head of Marketing Program at SAS. “Our campaign assessments also clearly show that our communication influences the associations that form the basis of the SAS brand strategy.”

Now it’s time for the next step in the We Are Travelers concept – Travelers Think Big. This concept will continue to strengthen the idea that SAS is the airline for the true traveler who wants to discover the world, get more out of life, and develop as a person. 

“Travelers Think Big is a tribute to the true traveler,” says Jenny Näslund, Nordic Project Manager for the campaign at SAS. “With this campaign, we’re taking the We Are Travelers concept to the next level – a level where we use humor to bring us closer to the traveler and their view of the world. A world where life is lived to the fullest and where air travel is more than just a way of getting from A to B.”

The new films are very different to SAS’s earlier commercials, not only in the use of humor but also in the choice of actors – for example american Thomas Jane, who has appeared in films such as Boogie Nights and Deep Blue Sea, and TV show Hung.

Why have you chosen American actors?

"The script and humor are based on sharp dialog, where English crosses boundaries and enhances the feeling and humor in thinking big. English is also a global language and those in our target group – frequent travelers – have seen the world and identify themselves as much with the symbolism behind the English language as with their own local language."

Watch the films here:     

 The Travelers Think Big campaign can be seen on TV, in cinemas, and through digital media in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden during weeks 41–43.     

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